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The online versions of the primary family lines of descent are offered here. Persons recognizing incorrect information are welcome to offer corrections. In most cases, the source of information (other than "family tradition") will be requested. It is not uncommon for genealogists to discover conflicting information, and all available documentary evidence must be compared in an effort to determine which is the most reliable.

Sorry, The family genealogies linked below have been temporarily disabled due to additional concerns for privacy for living persons. This is a temporary situation, so look for them to return with more restricted information on living persons being publicly provided.

Hardy Descendants
Lawrence Descendants
Powless Descendants
Schinstock Descendants
Shinstock Descendants
Wargo Descendants
Zimmer Descendants

Grand County, Colorado Resources

Phil has compiled the only index to the marriages of Grand County, Marriages of Grand County, Colorado, the First Hundred Years, covering the period 1874-1974. The print version is © Copyright Philip A. Wargo, 1991, Library of Congress Catalog Number 91-65936.

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Phil has also compiled the historical reference, Elected and Appointed Officials of Grand County, Colorado, 1874-1990. The book is © Copyright Philip A. Wargo, 1990, Library of Congress Catalog Number 90-90421. There is no online version available, but Phil will do "lookups" for genealogists and other historical researchers. Repro-copies may be purchased by special arrangement.

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